This faux shade could have been made to function.  The soft " messy" folds give this a billowy effect
Board mounted valance with tassle trim.  Panels hanging beneath the valance framing each window.
Panels Hanging from Finials instead of a traditional rod.  A beautiful way to dress up a room with stationary panels
board mounted valance of silk plaid over panels that are banded in the plaid.
Called a "stagecoach shade"  It can be lowered and raised, but isn't a very practical method for window shade.  Can be mounted inside the window frame or outside.
This alcove treatment has alternating "banners" in the nursery fabrics.  Cushion and pillows tie it all together
Valance with contrasting fabric in the pleated portion of the treatment.  Cushion and pillows below tie the look together
Relaxed roman shades with "dog ears" .  Dog ears are the soft folds dangling  on the outer edges of the shade, giving it a soft look
Panels framing and arched window with rod hanging just beneath the mantle molding.  Contrasting fabric at bottom of panels
Example of treating a wall of windows with "one" treatement.  A long rod with multiple panels between the windows.  These panels are pleated.
Silk plaid panels covering a wall of windows.  These panels are not pleated, and are hanging from rings
Board mounted valance. Breakfast alcove. This treatment spans all 3 walls and corners to  give a cozy feeling in the "nook".
Arched cornice board to cover transom window.  Monogrammed before fabrication
Straight roman shades.  Roman shades can be made with blackout lining, like these for complete light control.
These "soft cornices" are mounted to boards at the top and sides, instead of a true cornice that is an upholstered box.  These were monogrammed before fabrication.
Cornices: 27" tall by 37" wide.
Examples of Drapery Panels
Valance Treatments with Panels hanging beneath
Examples of Fabric Shades
Examples of Cornice Treatments
Board Mounted Valances
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Pinch Pleat
Goblet Pleat
Fan Pleat
Cartridge Pleat
Cartridge Pleat
French /Fan Pleat
Goblet Pleat
Pinch Pleat
Window Treatments & Fabric Requirements
Window Treatments & Fabric Requirements